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UKPA club nights - questionnaire

Posted: Fri 17 Sep, 2021 5:57 pm
by detuned
Hi everyone,

Earlier this year I tried to organise some zoom meetings for UK based solvers to socialise. There wasn’t much organisation beyond linking them to the WPF’s Grand Prix rounds.

I’d like to give this a go again with a bit more thought and organisation. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then I’d be grateful if you could fill out this google form: ... sp=sf_link

I’ll probably leave this going for a few weeks to give everyone a chance to see this. Depending on the results I’ll then look to organise something that best fits in with whatever the form suggests might be sensible. I’m looking forward to seeing your responses!

Re: UKPA club nights - questionnaire

Posted: Fri 17 Sep, 2021 6:10 pm
by detuned
If there’s anything else the form isn’t capturing, then please feel free to leave a comment here.

I should add that although the primary focus is uk based solvers, I don’t see why solvers from further afield couldn’t join if the time zone differences allow

Re: UKPA club nights - questionnaire

Posted: Sun 19 Sep, 2021 8:38 am
by jupilogy
Yay! :D

I had one issue with the questionnaire, which was asking what days I can't do. I had to select at least one. So, I put Tuesday arbitrarily but I really can do any day, at least for online meet ups.

If the meet ups will be in London when they're back on in person, then I'd probably attend less often, but want to meet up for longer, because of the cost and effort of travel. Like it wouldn't be worth it for me if the in person meet ups were under 2 hours... :? So maybe a weekend for those would be better.

Re: UKPA club nights - questionnaire

Posted: Sun 19 Sep, 2021 10:56 pm
by detuned
Hmm… so with any in person meet-ups in the future, I was thinking most probably week-day evenings at a pub. But maybe if people are coming from further afield then that might mean an afternoon at the weekend, to give people some travel time. That kind of thing would probably need advance signups and confirmations and that sort of thing

I don’t think I’d go straight into a multi-day thing with overnight stays like the open however!

Re: UKPA club nights - questionnaire

Posted: Sun 26 Sep, 2021 8:40 am
by detuned
I’ve had a few responses so far, thank you for those, but would be good to get a few more still before deciding. Please do fill in the form if you think this might be something you’d be interested in

Re: UKPA club nights - questionnaire

Posted: Tue 12 Oct, 2021 8:56 pm
by detuned
I've still had only a few responses, but thank you to everyone who has responded so far. I think that's enough to give this a properly organised go, which is definitely good news to me

I'll look to set up the first in a regular series of these meetings in the next week or two. I think one of the keys to making this work is setting up an email mailing list to give people a reminder when a session is coming up - I definitely appreciate the forum isn't something that people are regularly checking proactively. I'll look to make this work in the next week or so, and before the zoom meetings are up and running

Re: UKPA club nights - questionnaire

Posted: Fri 12 Nov, 2021 12:48 pm
by puzzlemad
Sorry Tom, not been on the forum for ages for various reasons - need to get it back into my daily routine.
I'm up for this sort of thing and through the winter months am much more available at weekends than in the summer due to the horse commitments.
I'd be up for evening events too - do we have details of where people are based in the country so that we can see if there would be enough locally for a meet up say in Manchester, Cambridge etc?