UKPA Monday evening Zoom drop-ins

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Re: UKPA Monday evening Zoom drop-ins

Post by Feadoor » Mon 19 Jul, 2021 6:18 pm

I won't be there since I haven't done the GP yet and am planning to squeeze it in! Hope it goes well

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Re: UKPA Monday evening Zoom drop-ins

Post by Nilz » Mon 19 Jul, 2021 8:40 pm

Thanks for continuing to run these, Tom- I hope the lack of attendance last time didn't deter you, and I hope more than just yourself showed up tonight. I was unable to join as, like Sam, I've just been solving the thing! (So thanks for the reminder, as well!)
Couple of thoughts:
1. Is it worth setting up a mailing list (or potentially Whatsapp group?) to remind people that this drop-in is happening? I check my phone and/or emails much more often than this forum and often forget these sessions are running. Difficult to do without flooding people's inbox/ phones with notifications though (I personally would prefer a reminder a few days in advance so I can try to make sure I'm free if I plan on joining, as well as a couple of hours in advance just to make sure I've remembered, but not everyone may want so many notifications)
2. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but would a night other than Monday work better, so that us late-solvers can participate?

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Re: UKPA Monday evening Zoom drop-ins

Post by detuned » Mon 19 Jul, 2021 10:24 pm

Both good points!

On the first, yes - I'm considering some kind of mailing list together with a semi-regular newsletter with round up of competitions, results, news, other random odds and ends together with maybe a puzzle. I definitely agree that relying on people to visit the forums isn't the best way of running things!

On the second, I should probably get around to organising some kind of poll, probably after getting a newsletter set up. I picked Monday as what felt like a convenient evening for me, although perhaps that hasn't worked out recently (I can't make Monday in 2 weeks for example). I think with the right kind of organisation though there is some appetite for these - I'll probably give it more thought once we get the last two GP rounds out of the way. For example we could still run as some kind of a club run, maybe with screen sharing and live solving and that kind of thing.

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