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Post by gav1988 » Tue 24 Apr, 2012 10:46 pm

Hi guys,

New here after receiving an email through Manchester Mathsjam (I'm based in Stoke, so Manchester is my nearest one - not that I've been to a Manchester meeting yet, though I did go to the main conference in November, but I digress...) about the upcoming competitions at chill factore. I have no experience of 'serious' (i.e. competitive) puzzling, but was intrigued to find out more as it sounds like something I'd enjoy. I won't be at Chill Factore this weekend, but I'm considering testing the water with the online version of the sudoku challenge to find out how these things work by starting off on fairly familiar territory - I've had a play with some of the easier puzzles on the main site and on puzzlepicnic, so probably a long way to go before I'll be at a competitive level, but I'm up for it! Let's see what happens...

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Re: Hello

Post by PuzzleScot » Wed 25 Apr, 2012 8:12 am

Welcome to the fold Gavin, and best of luck with the online contest.

If you are looking for practice material, go to to the 'puzzle competitions' forum area - there are at least 100 puzzle contests linked to from there. The puzzles are usually all still available for playing at your leisure from the hosts, along with a final score table. If you time and mark yourself honestly, you will get a good feel for how you compare to British or world solvers.

Forums are here for discussions, so if you need help on how to do a new type of puzzle, ask away! Some people here have been doing competitive puzzling for a long time, and will have hints & break-ins for puzzles that you hadn't thought of.

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