Results: 2021 UK Puzzle Championship

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Results: 2021 UK Puzzle Championship

Post by puzzlemad »

The results of the 2021 UK Puzzle Championship have now been published.

In what was a tougher competition this year, first place is awarded to James McGowan who amassed a total of 715 points pipping Freddie Hand with 692 points into 2nd place and Neil Zussman took 3rd place with 606 points.

Congratulations to James for claiming his fifth consecutive UK Puzzle Championship title and 7th in total.

The full list of UK results can be found here.

The championship was also open to international participation with a large entry from around the world with 27 countries represented. Just one solver was able to successfully complete all puzzles this year with a time of just under 2 hours 24 mins and earning bonus points. This was last years international winner - Ken Endo with a total of 987 points. The remaining podium places were taken again by fellow Japanese competitors with 2nd place going to Yuki Kawabe and 3rd to Hideaki Jo.

The full international results can be found here.

Thanks again to the puzzle authors and testers without whom we couldn’t run the event.

Thanks also to all competitors for taking part. I'm really looking forward to being able to meet up with everyone again when possible at on site events once the world has returned to some sort of normality. It would be great to see you all at our next major event the UKPA Open Tournament that we are hoping that we will be able to hold around February / March 2022.
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Re: Results: 2021 UK Puzzle Championship

Post by detuned »

Well done James, that's a great win!

I thought I'd had an absolutely shocker on the day, but I don't think I can complain too much. Thanks again to Liane for organising!
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Re: Results: 2021 UK Puzzle Championship

Post by kiwijam »

Thanks Tom, yet another close finish in a strong field. Even I felt disheartened at the end, I didn't look at 30% of the puzzles this time, which didn't seem good when I was hoping to finish, but not really a problem if there's too many to choose from.

And the puzzles were very enjoyable, so my thanks to all the authors too!
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Re: Results: 2021 UK Puzzle Championship

Post by MichaelC »

Thanks to Liane for organising this - I really enjoyed the puzzles. A nice mix.
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