Results: 2021 UK Sudoku Championship

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Results: 2021 UK Sudoku Championship

Post by Feadoor »

Congratulations to David McNeill, who has won his 6th UK Sudoku Championship, and third in a row. David displayed impressive consistency to finish all 16 of the puzzles in 1 hour and 48 minutes - the same time it took him to do so last year! Tom Collyer also submitted answers to all 16 puzzles but with a single mistake, and Mark Goodliffe takes the third podium position with correct answers to 14 of the 16 puzzles.

1. David McNeill - 788 pts
2. Tom Collyer - 691 pts
3. Mark Goodliffe - 617 pts

A full list of UK results can be found here.

The championship was also open to international participation, with a total of 16 participants submitting correct answers to all 16 puzzles within the two hour limit. Kota Morinishi of Japan followed up his victory in the international competition last year with another dominant performance this year, finishing the set in a time of 1 hour and 4 minutes. Tantan Dai of China and Sinchai Rungsangrattanakul of Thailand round off the international podium.

1. Kota Morinishi (JPN) - 1055 pts
2. Tantan Dai (CHN) - 1021 pts
3. Sinchai Rungsangrattnakul (THA) - 935 pts

The full international results can be found here.
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Re: Results: 2021 UK Sudoku Championship

Post by detuned »

Well done David, an impressive performance once again.

Thanks also to Sam for organising,I thought you did a really great job with everything. On my side it was (a) a bit of a relief to be sitting out this year, but also (b) really good fun to take part as a competitor. I'm maybe ever so slightly biased given you didn't change the format around too much from previous years, but it's the most fun I've had with an online sudoku competition that I can remember in recent times!
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Re: Results: 2021 UK Sudoku Championship

Post by puzzlemad »

Well done to David again for an impressive performance. Thanks too to Sam for organising a great competition and I'm glad that Tom was able to take part for a change :D
david mcneill
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Re: Results: 2021 UK Sudoku Championship

Post by david mcneill »

Yes, a lovely set of puzzles by Sam, maintaining the exceptionally high standards of the UKSC.

I enjoyed the puzzles even more after the event. The Odd/Even had a very nice solving path which I missed during the competition. The solving paths in both the Diagonal and the Killer were beautiful. But there wasn't really a bad puzzle amongst them.
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