UK Puzzle League Divisions A and B 2023-2024

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UK Puzzle League Divisions A and B 2023-2024

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Divisions A and B have 7 competitors this year, and in each round, the winner gets 7 credits, second place gets 6 credits and so on. Players who do not compete in a round receive 0 credits.

This year, Divisions A and B will have the same schedule

Specific dates for each round will be added when they are released by the corresponding bodies.

tbc January - WPF Puzzle Grand Prix
tbc February - LMI Puzzle Ramayan
tbc March- WPF Puzzle Grand Prix
22nd to 27th April - Puzzle Duel contest
tbc May - LMI Puzzle Ramayan
tbc June - WPF Puzzle Grand Prix

This year, the members of Division A are: Neil Zussman, Freddie Hand, Adam Bissett, Matthew White, Tom Collyer, Sam Cappleman-Lynes and Maurice Blount
The members of Division B are: AJ Moore, Eva Myers, David McNeill, Thomas Powell, Michael Collins, Emma McCaughan and Jack Lawrence
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