Results: 2022 UK Sudoku Championship

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Results: 2022 UK Sudoku Championship

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Congratulations to Freddie Hand, who has won the UK Sudoku Championship for the first time, ending a run of three consecutive victories for David McNeill. Freddie solved all 17 puzzles with 5 minutes to spare in an impressive showing. Mark Goodliffe also produced a strong performance, finishing second, with submissions to all the puzzles but an incorrect solution to one of them - enough to push David into third place this year, who provided correct solutions to all but the hardest puzzle of the set. The UK podium is thus:

1. Freddie Hand - 750 pts
2. Mark Goodliffe - 686 pts
3. David McNeill - 646 pts

A full list of UK results can be found here.

The championship was also open to international participation, with a total of 7 participants submitting correct answers to all 17 puzzles within the two hour limit. Kota Morinishi of Japan continues his dominance in the UKSC with a third consecutive victory, finishing all 17 puzzles in a time of just 1 hour and 13 minutes. Tantan Dai of China and Ken Endo of Japan round off the international podium - the same three people who made up the podium at the last in-person WSC in 2019.

1. Kota Morinishi (JPN) - 999 pts
2. Tantan Dai (CHN) - 956 pts
3. Ken Endo (JPN) - 805 pts

The full international results can be found here.
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Re: Results: 2022 UK Sudoku Championship

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Tough competition this year, but very impressive from both Freddie and Mark - it’s never easy to get the better of David!

Thanks also to Sam for organising at short notice, some very nice puzzles in the set. On a personal note Im forced to lick my lockout line wounds. Don’t think I’m the only one there at least!
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