Killer Sudoku Lover

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Killer Sudoku Lover

Post by AlinaCorujan »

Hi Everyone! I’ve been doing Sudokus during the past 10 years, and recently I had the pleasure to discover the “The Times Killer Su Doku” and I’m in love! Since it’s past 2 am here in London and even though my eyelids are heavy, I’m still excited to start one more Deadly Killer Sudoku and beat my time!! :D For instance, my average time for the hardest level (deadly) killer sudoku is 20 minutes, compared to 1h20 than the book estimates to be able to finalize it.
I also love 2-5k pieces jigsaw puzzles, the hard Microsoft Minesweeper and all kind of brain games, but Sudoku is my favorite this period of my life with the new “killer” discovery which challenges me sooo much more than regular hard sudoku. I’m so excited that I was inspired to search a contest tonight and that I found this forum! I’d love to participate in a championship in the future!
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Re: Killer Sudoku Lover

Post by pinkagape »

I think you’re in the right place! Lots of us like a good Sudoku or puzzle competition.

I recommend the Sudoku Grand Prix, which will be a great place to get some high quality sudoku and see how you match up with the world’s best with an online, monthly competition. Here is their link

I also like the Sudoku Mahabharat at which is similar so you get twice the fun!

Both competitions start in January but haven’t announced their first dates yet.

On the UK front, we have two main competitions at

One is online and is usually round about June. It will be announced on the forum. The other is an in person competition taking place over a weekend in Spring which is a lovely way to meet everyone in person.

So lots coming up over the next few months - watch this forum!
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