Forum outage resolved.

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Forum outage resolved.

Post by PuzzleScot »

The forum has been misbehaving for a few days now. I have upgraded the phpBB software on the 3rd attempt. It seems largely ok now, but I'm not convinced everything is perfect.

What is fixed:
- style sheets are showing the pages correctly
- new topics, and replies to conversations are working
- unread topics are showing correctly

What isn't working:
- Inline historic images, I think.

There are several bits that need manually updated after a phpbb upgrade - I think I've got that all working properly, but have not tested it.

Please let me know in this thread, or by email/DM if you see any issues that need resolved, including registration.

Thanks for your patience and reports of issues, and apologies for delay in getting this all working again.

Happy puzzling,
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