Results: UK Sudoku Championship 2013

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Results: UK Sudoku Championship 2013

Post by detuned » Tue 14 May, 2013 1:24 pm

Congratulations to David McNeill, who has successfully defended the UK Sudoku Championship for 2013. David finished the set of 16 mind-bending sudoku puzzles just before the 2 hours were up in a very strong performance, and now qualifies for the UK team at the World Sudoku Championships later this year in Beijing. Joining David on the team are Michael Collins and Neil Zussman.

1. David McNeill - 733 pts
2. Michael Collins - 561 pts
3. Neil Zussman - 464 pts

A full list of UK results can be found here.

The championship also formed the 5th round of the World Puzzle Federation's Sudoku Grand Prix series, and was fiercely contested on the international scale. A total of 24 participants successfully finished the set of 16 puzzles, with Kota Morinishi of Japan improving from his 2nd place last year to top this years table. Congratulations Kota!

1. Kota Morinishi (JAP) - 1022 pts
2. Jakub Ondroušek (CZE) - 994 pts
3. Jan Mrozowski (POL) - 993 pts

The full international results can be found here. The official results for participants in the WPF's Sudoku GP will be made available later on the WPF website.

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Re: Results: UK Sudoku Championship 2013

Post by Magoo » Tue 14 May, 2013 3:34 pm

Heartiest congratulations to David, Michael and Neil. They join Tom to form a very strong UK team for Beijing, which is excellent news.

I thought this set of puzzles were high quality and enjoyable - a very good contest organised by Tom and the UKPA, which very sensibly contained relevant variants. I particularly enjoyed the Killer, which I solved after the contest in a time that made me glad I had quickly given it up while on the clock. I'm delighted to find out (from the message above) that this was SudokuGP Round 5, which I hadn't realised (Duh!) - that's one less evening this year I'll have to tell my wife not to talk to me for two hours. Not that it stopped her asking me for a restaurant address while I was solving the first puzzle - she didn't get a helpful reply!

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