UKPA May 2012 Newsletter

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UKPA May 2012 Newsletter

Post by PuzzleScot » Sat 12 May, 2012 11:27 am

UK Sudoku team qualification round 1 has started!

As mentioned in the last newsletter, and on the website and forum, LMI's sudoku contests will be used as part of this year's UK WSC selection process.

Your best 3 performances in the 4 official 'LMI Monthly Sudoku Tests' (May-Aug 2012) will determine the Sudoku ratings table for this puzzle season.

The first of these has started!
You have all of today, tomorrow and Monday (GMT) to compete.
There are two independent one-hour (64 mins) parts. See the contest link for more information, and of course to compete.

UK Team selection procedures

These are summarised on the website at

If you are interested in UK team qualification for the WSC or WPC, please check the detailed page:

UK Open tournament results

The official on-site contest results can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=589

Congratulations to Neil Zussman on winning both events.
As winner of the sudoku contest, Neil will be part of the UK WSC 2012 team. As runner-up to Neil in the puzzles contest, Steve Barge has earned a place in the UK WPC 2012 team also. Congratulations both!

An overview table, and detailed results of the public on-line tournament can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=590

Enormous thanks go to Gareth Moore for organising all rounds of both contests, and to all the puzzle contributors who produced the magnificent puzzles!

All UKPA contests are still available for solving at your leisure from

Other News

- UKPC and UKSC preparations are well under way. The dates of these will be announced soon.

The WSC/WPC 2012 dates and location have been announced. The combined event will take place in Kraljevica, Croatia, 1-7 October 2012 in the hotel resort "Uvala Scott".

Good luck!

Alan O'Donnell
UK Puzzle Association

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