Record results for UK at 2011 WPC and WSC

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Record results for UK at 2011 WPC and WSC

Post by PuzzleScot » Fri 18 Nov, 2011 11:03 am

155 of the world's top Sudoku players, from 32 countries, descended on Eger to battle for the title of World Sudoku Champion.
The UK sent 7 players to this event, with high hopes, following on from a remarkable showing (6th) at the 2010 World Championship.
The team started off well, with one of our players (David McNeill) in 1st position, and the team in 8th place after the first round.
With a couple of key players missing, this was going to be a tough uphill challenge. In the end, the GBR-A team finished a respectable, but disappointing 15th, with our 2 best players finishing 20th (David McNeill) and 23rd (Tom Collyer). To put this on context, they finished well ahead of 3 of the 4 traditionally strong USA team, as well as inaugural WSC champion Jana Tylova! The overall winner was Tom Snyder, of the USA.

After a day's break, the main event, the World Puzzle Championships got underway. Some sudoku specialists went home, and some puzzle specialists arrived, leaving 143 of the world's elite to contest for the 20th World Puzzle Champion title.
The UK sent two full 4-person teams (A and B team). Spirits were high, but expectations low. The surprise of the tournament was watching a first-timer, with little puzzle experience finishing in the top 10, beating past world champions into the Grand Final Playoff! And he is British!! Neil Zussman played magnificently. This is the highest position a Briton has ever finished. He helped the GBR-A team secure a record 11th place!

I'm sure there are more of Neil's standard undiscovered in the UK - it is the UKPA's aim to find these people, and show the world that Britain is still Great.
Back row: Alan O'Donnell (WPC Captain + WPC-B); Mike Colloby (WSC Captain + WSC-B); Michael Collins (WSC-A); Nick Gardner (WSC-B + WPC-B); David McNeill (WSC-A + WPC-A); David Collison (WSC-A)
Front row: Emma McCaughan (WPC-B); Tom Collyer (WSC-A + WPC-A); Neil Zussman (WPC-A); Liane Robinson (WPC-B); Gareth Moore (WSC-B + WPC-A)
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Re: Record results for UK at 2011 WPC and WSC

Post by detuned » Sun 20 Nov, 2011 7:02 pm

We should probably also mention that the Germans won the Sudoku team competition, that Palmer Mebane won his first WPC and that he helped the Americans towards the Puzzle team title.

I've also had a go at a draft:

The British team has come home from the 6th World Sudoku Championships and 20th World Puzzle Championships in Eger, Hungary with record breaking performances. In the sudoku championship, Thomas Snyder (USA) took home his third world title, ahead of Kota Morinishi (JAP) and Tiit Vunk (EST); Germany eventually claiming a second successive team title. David McNeill was the highest British finisher in 20th, and the British team finished a somewhat disappointing 14th in the team competition.

Full British results: David McNeill (20), Tom Collyer (23), Michael Collins (74), Mike Colloby (112), David Collison (119), Gareth Moore (123), Nick Gardner (130). Our thanks go out to William Blatt (USA), who joined Mike, Gareth and Nick to form an unofficial UN team.

In the puzzle championship, Palmer Mebane (USA) claimed his maiden title after an impressive performance that saw off seven-time champion Ulrich Voigt (GER) and Thomas Snyder (USA). USA capped off a fine overall performance by taking the team title, also for a second year running. Neil Zussman, in his debut appearance at a world championship, remarkably qualified for the grand final play-off and eventually finished 10th. This marks the most successful individual British performance ever! Neil also helped the British team to a record high finish of 11th in the team competition.

Full British results: Neil Zussman (10), David McNeill (40), Tom Collyer (59), Gareth Moore (68). Alan O'Donnell, Emma McCaughan, Nick Gardner and Liane Robinson also participated as part of an unofficial UK B team.

Our thanks go out to the Hungarians for organising and hosting a beautifully ran and highly memorable championships!

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