2011 WPC/WSC dates announced!

UKPA announcements will be made here.
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2011 WPC/WSC dates announced!

Post by PuzzleScot » Thu 12 May, 2011 1:26 pm

This morning, we received an official announcement regarding the 2011 combined event:

As the organiser of this year’s double event, hereby I’d like to invite all of you to Hungary for the jubilee,
20th World Puzzle Championship (WPC) and the 6th World Sudoku Championship (WSC).

The dates of the event:

6th WSC: Sun 6th to Thu 10th November, 2011

20th WPC: Tue 8th to Sun 13th November, 2011

The place of the event:

Eger, Hotel Eger&Park (same as WPC2005)

The registration fees for the official team members + team captains are (double room/single room):

WSC: 350/450 euros (4 nights)
WPC: 400/520 euros (5 nights)
WSC+WPC: 550/700 euros (7 nights)

The registration fee for the guests and for those who has special requirement (like plus/minus nights) will be calculated personally on the daily rates of the costs.

The fees are covered the transferring between the airports/railway stations to the hotel, meals from the first day’s dinner until the last day’s breakfast, the excursion, extra programs in the evenings and of course the puzzles J

Number of the participants:

Because this year’s event will be the first double event, we would like to continue most of the previous year’s rules, in every cases we chose the higher number, so:

- each team will be formed by 4 puzzlers (both on WSC, both on WPC), because the WPC’s teams were always 4-membered

- on the WPF 4, on the WSC 6 individuals per country will be listed on the official ranking (like in the past), the other member of the delegation can take part on the individual parts, but they will be regarded as ‘unofficials’ (cannot get bonus points and awards)

- one team per country will be listed on the official ranking (as usual), the other team will be regarded as ‘unofficial’ (cannot get bonus points and awards)

The name of the official individuals and the list of the A-team should be finalised before the start of the event.

More info (including detailed schedule) will be followed soon by e-mail, on the Facebook and on our website (http://www.wscwpc.ini.hu/ - will be updated soon).

Please use this e-mail address (wscwpc@gmail.com) about all the matters of the double event.

Best regards on behalf of the organising committee,

György István

chairman, ROE
Rejtvényfejtõk Országos Egyesülete
Hungarian Puzzlers' Association
Web: http://www.roe.ini.hu

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