2014 UK Puzzle Championship results

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2014 UK Puzzle Championship results

Post by PuzzleScot » Tue 27 May, 2014 9:22 pm

The championship is now over, and the results have been published.

The overall winner, and regaining the title of UK Puzzle Champion, is James McGowan! Congratulations James.

James solved all puzzles correctly with nearly 35 minutes to spare, beating all international competition!!

Last year's champion, Neil Zussman was in second place, with Tom Collyer in third. Therefore Neil earns a place alongside James in the UK 2014 WPC team.

The international competitors were headed up by Hideaki Jo, followed by Zoltan Horvath and Ulrich Voigt, all 3 of whom completed all 26 puzzles within the allotted time. Well done all.

Many thanks go to Liane Robinson for organising this year's event.
Most importantly, the UKPA would like to thank the following for contributing a very high quality range of puzzles.
Bram de Laat; Gabriele Simionato; Liane Robinson; Nikola Zivanovic; Prasanna Seshadri; Salih Alan; Serkan Yürekli; Takeya Saikachi; and
Tawan Sunathvanichku. Thank-you all!

Thank-you to everyone who participated too. We hope you enjoyed the event, and will enjoy the rest of the puzzles in your own time.

The full UK team line-ups for the 2014 WPC & WSC will be announced shortly.

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