Results: 2020 UK Puzzle Championship

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Results: 2020 UK Puzzle Championship

Post by puzzlemad » Tue 30 Jun, 2020 5:42 pm

The results of the 2020 UK Puzzle Championship have now been published.

After a close fought battle, first place is awarded to James McGowan, completing all puzzles successfully in just under 2 hours 12 mins, second place is awarded to Neil Zussman completing just under three minutes behind. Third place is awarded to Freddie Hand who unfortunately had a mistake in one puzzle but finished in an impressive time of just under 1 hour 47 mins.

Congratulations to James for claiming his fourth consecutive UK Puzzle Championship title and 6th in total.

The full list of UK results can be found here.

The championship was also open to international participation with a large entry from around the world with over 30 countries represented. A total of 11 competitors successfully solved all puzzles within the time. Ken Endo completed all the puzzles in slightly over 1 ½ hours a fantastic achievement, with 2nd and 3rd places going to fellow Japanese competitors Panista and Kota Morinishi respectively.

The full international results can be found here.
Thanks again to the puzzle authors and testers without whom we couldn’t run the event.

Thanks also to all competitors for taking part. It would be great to see you all at our next major event the UKPA Open Tournament that will be held round February / March 2021.

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Re: Results: 2020 UK Puzzle Championship

Post by Puzzle_Maestro » Tue 30 Jun, 2020 5:57 pm

Many thanks to Liane for organising and to the authors for an excellent set of puzzles! Congratulations to James on another UK victory.

It's a little frustrating to make an error on one of the easiest puzzles in the test (namely, the four snails), especially since that was one of the puzzles I actually checked. There's always next year...

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Re: Results: 2020 UK Puzzle Championship

Post by kiwijam » Wed 01 Jul, 2020 5:19 am

Wow, that was close (and fortunate). I predict many victories for you in coming years Freddie, with Neil and I not far behind. 8-) Which is great news for the strength of the UK team!

Thank you to Ashish Kumar, Bram de Laat, Hatice Esra Aydemir, David McNeill, Nikola Zivanovic, and Prasanna Seshadri for the very enjoyable puzzles, and to Liane for organising it all.

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Re: Results: 2020 UK Puzzle Championship

Post by puzzlemad » Wed 01 Jul, 2020 8:12 am

I must also give special thanks to David McNeill for helping out, both by supplying some great puzzles and for helping with proof reading etc. thus forfeiting his place in the championship. One of his puzzles was created on the way home from the WSC/WPC in Germany last year due to what became a catchphrase of the UK Sudoku Team - Now who was it that was missing that six? :lol:

I must also thank Alan for overseeing the start of the competition as I wasn't able to be around and for doing the techy things behind the scenes.

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Re: Results: 2020 UK Puzzle Championship

Post by Nilz » Wed 01 Jul, 2020 5:23 pm

Congrats James. Bad luck Freddie, though I've now doubt you'll win plenty of future competitions at this rate.

Thanks as always to Liane and all the other organisers/ setters.
And I did smile when I read the instruction booklet and saw 'You're Missing a Six', always nice to see clever inventions based on random conversations!
So next year, we'll all be missing a 7?

david mcneill
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Re: Results: 2020 UK Puzzle Championship

Post by david mcneill » Thu 02 Jul, 2020 7:27 am


I set one of those at the airport. Just replace 6 by N where N is the size of the grid. It works quite well for N equals 7 or 8. I didn't go any further than that. I tried to set a puzzle called ALAN! but that wasn't working out too well.

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