U.S. WPF Sudoku Grand Prix round 6

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U.S. WPF Sudoku Grand Prix round 6

Post by Kodyn » Fri 17 May, 2013 5:37 am

Try to practice on U.S. WPF Sudoku Grand Prix!

We are preparing for you these sudoku variants in our Daily League:
20.05.2013 - Consecutive Sudoku
21.05.2013 - Arrow Sudoku
22.05.2013 - Thermo Sudoku
23.05.2013 - Dynasty Sudoku
24.05.2013 - Property Sudoku
25.05.2013 - Jigsaw Sudoku
26.05.2013 - Killer Sudoku


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Re: U.S. WPF Sudoku Grand Prix round 6

Post by detuned » Fri 17 May, 2013 10:49 am

I suppose a thread about the US round of the GP should have some information about it.

WPF page: http://www.worldpuzzle.org/sudokugp/6th-tournament/
Instructions: http://www.worldpuzzle.org/files/35/uss ... ctions.pdf
Competition page: http://wpc.puzzles.com/ussq2013/

Please note that if you have done the USPC or the US sudoku qualifiers in the last couple of years then you can use your old registration details.

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Re: U.S. WPF Sudoku Grand Prix round 6

Post by sknight » Mon 20 May, 2013 5:10 pm

Incidentally, printing out the instructions at work on our laser printer, I really needed to use "print as image" to get it to print.
I think the file is full of a lot of detailed postscript that takes a lot of memory/time for the printer to sort out otherwise.
So, fair warning -- assuming the Test Booklet is the same, you may want to experiment with print settings on the directions.
Nobody wants to spend the first ten minutes of a test wrestling with a printer.
(I think this isn't an issue for printers that aren't postscript capable anyway, like the typical inkjet)

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