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Online UK Open Puzzle and Sudoku Championship results

Posted: Mon 07 May, 2012 10:23 pm
by GarethMoore
Thank you very much to all who took part in the Online UK Open Puzzle and Sudoku Championships over the past week and two weekends.

The full results of each championship are now available at the following links:

Online UK Open Puzzle Championship:
Online UK Open Sudoku Championship:

You can click through on the round headings on each page to view the full results of each round.

Puzzle Tournament
The top three in the puzzle championship were:
  1. 2400 points Hideaki Jo (Japan)
  2. 2390 points Ulrich Voigt (Germany)
  3. 2280 points Kota Morinishi (Japan)
As you can see, Hideaki Jo won by the smallest possible margin. Enormous congratulations to him!

The winners of each of the five rounds were:
  • Round 1: Warm Up - Nikola Zivanovic (Serbia)
  • Round 2: Classics - Ulrich Voigt (Germany)
  • Round 3: Japanese Puzzles - Hideaki Jo (Japan)
  • Round 4: UK Themes - Ulrich Voigt (Germany)
  • Round 5: Novelties - Takeya Saikachi (Japan)
Sudoku Tournament
The top three in the sudoku championship were:
  1. 2320 points Jan Mrozowski (Poland)
  2. 2090 points Kota Morinishi (Japan)
  3. 2050 points Hideaki Jo (Japan)
Huge congratulations to Jan Mrozowski for his decisive victory.

The winners of each of the three rounds were:
  • Round 1: Classic Sudoku - Joo Min Young (South Korea)
  • Round 2: Variant Sudoku - Jan Mrozowski (Poland)
  • Round 3: Sprint - Jakub Ondrousek (Czech Republic)

Many thanks to Alan O'Donnell for his hard work over the past weeks on making many changes and improvements to the online competition system to support the running of these tournaments.