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Posted: Thu 26 Jul, 2018 11:48 am
by detuned
This is something that I've looked at with half an eye in previous years - I know that Alan and James have as well.

I don't think it'd be appropriate to discuss the puzzles publicly in the forums but perhaps if there's enough interest we can set up a mailing list
Dear PuzzleUp Contenders,

This year's PuzzleUp will commence on Wednesday, 1th of August, at 11:00 (GMT) with the release of the first question. Please visit our PuzzleUp site to participate in the competition.

PuzzleUp is an online problem solving competition prepared and presented by Emrehan Halici. Every week a different problem will be put across for contenders to think on and try to solve. There will be a total of 20 problems.

Since the day of its launch in 2005, Puzzleup has attracted thousands of "puzzlelovers" from all over the world and has, in a significantly short period of time, pronounced itself as an outstanding international site for puzzle and intelligence games with increasing participation from all of its members.

We hope you enjoy solving our problems and that the world we live in benefits from the wisdom and peace that such togetherness brings.

Before you start, please read the rules of the competition for your convenience.

Best Wishes,

The Puzzleup Team

Re: PuzzleUp

Posted: Fri 27 Jul, 2018 1:38 pm
by PuzzleScot
The puzzles are all mathematical. Usually quite enjoyable to solve.

My only gripe is the answers are never published.
There is an explanation on the site of why this is so.
Regardless of having the solutions public (which contestants *could* do, if they wanted, after the contest), you can't work out which one(s) you got wrong.

edit: You lose a point per day, which was especially annoying in 2008!

Re: PuzzleUp

Posted: Mon 30 Jul, 2018 12:23 am
by kiwijam
I played in 2013.
Most puzzles were fun and enjoyable. But the contest ends up decided by the few frustrating ones.
A lot were optimizing style, so I remember some ambiguous rules where you're not certain which answer to submit.
I also remember poorly created optimizers, where the obvious easy answer turned out to be the final answer after hours of checking every other case, even though a small tweak to the question would have allowed some really interesting answers.
They didn't always know the answer to their own questions, which is more likely why they don't publish solutions.

Re: PuzzleUp

Posted: Mon 30 Jul, 2018 12:32 am
by kiwijam
Just found some old conversations between Alan and I, after that contest finished and we were annoyed with the organisers.
One hard puzzle they ended up removing from the results.
One puzzle they allowed a couple of correct answers, due to different assumptions made by people.
And one true optimiser "what is the best answer you can find to this?" gave you full points if you got the actual maximum of all the submissions (a handful of people), and 0 points otherwise.