"Come Out to Play" puzzle hunt in London on September 6th

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"Come Out to Play" puzzle hunt in London on September 6th

Post by dickoon » Wed 06 Aug, 2014 1:20 am

There will be a puzzle hunt in London for teams of up to six on Saturday 6th September, as described at bit.ly/girls-and-boys-game. The story reads:

"Mother Goose is on the loose!
Help catch her on 6 September 2014...
Apply here: http://bit.ly/girls-and-boys-apply
Deadline for applications is 23:59 15 August 2014."

The application process is non-trivial; there are a couple of puzzles to crack and teams are requested to write a nursery rhyme, in connection with the theme of the game. The reason for the barrier to entry is that spaces are limited (20 teams, I understand...?) so it makes sense to make sure that the participants are people who will get into the spirit of things. (The timing is lousy, I know, as people have the championships in mind.) Nevertheless, if you enjoyed DASH, you're likely to enjoy this - heck, if you enjoy Puzzled Pint, this may be up your street as well.

As a reminder, I blog about puzzle hunts, exit games and so on at Exit Games UK; I posted a link to the call for volunteers for the WPC/WSC and hopefully, I'll try to write something of a preview of the WPC in sporting terms as well.

If there are people in London with time on their hands on August 13th who want to play an exit game, clueQuest is totally booked up but there are currently three slots left for teams at HintHunt, one slot left at Escape Land and the brand new site at Escape Rooms (which opens near London Bridge on Friday) has all seven slots available.

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