new puzzle with a Jackpot & money to Charity!...

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Cryptic Crystals
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new puzzle with a Jackpot & money to Charity!...

Post by Cryptic Crystals » Tue 26 Jun, 2012 10:58 pm

Hello Fellow Puzzle-ers,

My family and I have just launched a new app. on Apple and Android, which will donate 10% of it's profit to research in Alzheimer's.
It is a little like the Rubik's Cube in that players must fiddle with each side until all sides match up.

10% of profit goes towards Alzheimers,
Then another 10% goes into the Jackpot. This'll then grow & grow, until finally being rewarded to the first player to complete all the levels.

So, I'm contacting you lot to gather some smart thinkers! The puzzle is incredibly tricky, but has only been launched today so you'll have a very good chance =]. -This is also the first Puzzle Forum who I've contacted.

- Check out our FBpage: ... 0477934174

- Our YouTube video: ... ce=message

- And here is it's Apple link: ... 17371?mt=8

I hope you'll enjoy it,
Charlotte Edwards.

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