Tim Peeters' puzzle booklets

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Tim Peeters' puzzle booklets

Post by PuzzleScot » Thu 17 Nov, 2011 5:20 pm


It's astonishing how relevant these relatively old booklets still are to the current WPCs.
Given some of the names used for puzzles, I'm wondering if Tim Peeters actually invented some of the types we regularly see these days. Perhaps he was deliberately avoiding potential copyight issues?
The ABC-game = Easy as ABC
Number Crossword = Kakuro
All Alone = Hitori
The Camping Problem = Tents(/Campsite)
Spy Hole = Open Office (this year, and various other names in the past)
L's = Circular reasoning
Magic Square = Sudoku (though clearly common in Japan prior to this version in 1999)
Hexagonal Number Crossword = Hex Kakuro (which, like his Hex Dominos, I've never seen elsewhere!)
Firehouses = Lighthouses
Nonograms = fill-a-pix
The Line Game = link-a-pix
Treasure Island = Minesweeper

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