Xmatrix 3D Labyrinth Puzzles

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Xmatrix 3D Labyrinth Puzzles

Post by silver6pence » Mon 21 Feb, 2011 12:49 pm

Hi All,

Just letting you know that I have designed Xmatrix, a stunning new range of 3D Labyrinth Puzzles launched in November 2010. Quadrus was featured in the IPP Competition 2010, and they were shortlisted for the 'Gift of the Year' competition. They were recently exhibited at the Spring Fair Birmingham to a great response.

Check out the images and the unique ambigram logo and packaging at:

Navigate the ball from the GOLD frame into the opposite SILVER frame and back again in the timescale.
Sounds simple?

For any information please email me: jg@xmatrix.co.uk. I would very much appreciate your feedback.
Kind regards,

Jeremy Goode
Xmatrix Limited

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