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Star Battle Sudoku [Grandmaster Puzzles]

Posted: Fri 28 Dec, 2018 12:50 pm
by detuned
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Source: GMPuzzles ... as-snyder/

Is this a Sudoku?

It strikes me that this puzzle occupies a bit of a grey area.

- you could more awkwardly state the rules using 8's and 9's instead of stars to get a (nearly) equivalent set of rules
- (Indeed, I have less awkwardly called this variant "Twodoku" in the past, numbers 1-8, with two 2's)
- you could also interpret stars as empty cells subject to certain conditions
- fundamentally there are two kinds of objects that need to be placed in this puzzle: numbers from 1-7, and stars.
- there are two stars to be placed, which adds an element of repetition to the puzzle.
- this December 25th puzzle doesn't not "separate" as a solve - i.e. in order to solve this puzzle you don't place most of the stars, then most of the numbers (or vice versa)
- the star battle logic and the sudoku logic seem to interact quite nicely (in my opinion) when solving
- there isn't really a big solving gimmick that you have to get.