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Sandwich Sudoku App

Posted: Sun 18 Aug, 2019 6:01 pm
by Magoo
Simon Anthony & I are launching a Sandwich Sudoku app tomorrow. It can be found on the App Store (search for Sandwich Sudoku) or on Steam on PC ( ... ch_Sudoku/ ). For £4.99 you get 40 handcrafted (by us) Sandwich Sudokus, plus 5 more each month for a year. Sandwich Sudoku is th enew name for Between 1 & 9 Sudoku.

There are plenty of free Classic Sudoku apps, but very few sources of Sandwich Sudokus - and they were popular enough when we first did a video about them at Cracking the Cryptic on Youtube that the video garnered over half a million views ( ).

Mark Goodliffe