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PortaPuzzle Jigsaw Storage

Posted: Wed 28 Nov, 2018 2:16 pm
I have the 1000 piece Portapuzzle - does anyone else find these don't really do the job.
I can start the edges of a jigsaw and then place it in the Portapuzzle , stand that against the wall and when I open it again its all slid down - useless really ?

I wanted to complain to the manufacturer and cannot find who to complain to

I have tried padding out the holder with cardboard and it still slid down

I cannot see the point if the portapuzzle cannot be stood up and has to be laid flat for storing !

Any ideas that you have used to solve this

Re: PortaPuzzle Jigsaw Storage

Posted: Thu 29 Nov, 2018 12:50 pm
by PuzzleScot
You can but grip matting online, or even at some supermarkets. Not that expensive, and might help.