BBC Radio 4 - Puzzles for Today #216

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BBC Radio 4 - Puzzles for Today #216

Post by kc1 » Wed 02 May, 2018 12:32 pm

Yesterdays puzzle for Today... ... -for-today

I disagree with the answer given - although I can see how they arrived at it.

The first statement is slightly open to interpretation:
the probability of a certain daily paper’s either (a) running a story about inappropriate behaviour at a party conference or (b) running one about somebody’s pet being retrieved from a domestic appliance

I would interpret this as the probability of (a) or (b) or both, since it's entirely possible that both could happen - however the answer given is for the case where only (a) or (b) but not both occur. This could possibly be explained by the use of the word 'either' - but I still think it's open to interpretation.

It makes a much more interesting puzzle when you make the assumption that both (a) and (b) could happen in the first statement.


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