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Tapa Variations

Posted: Mon 09 Nov, 2015 10:28 pm
by PuzzleScot
During a discussion in Sofia, someone mentioned there was a booklet published with all known 'many' Tapa variations.

I found it here, on the LMI TVC page. (Direct link to pdf download)/ I thought some others might be interested in it too.

There are 123 variations over the 48 pages.

Re: Tapa Variations

Posted: Tue 10 Nov, 2015 7:25 am
by Mephisto
"all known Tapa variations" -- not quite true. The booklet covers all Tapa variations used in the TVC competitions; i.e. up to 2012. After that many more Tapa variations appeared, by Serkan, Prasanna and many others.

Re: Tapa Variations

Posted: Tue 10 Nov, 2015 1:02 pm
by PuzzleScot
Thanks - I've fixed that claim. The PDF clearly has types created after 2012. eg, #94 onwards say "TVC 2013".
I believe Serkan is maintaining this catalogue anyway, and would be interested to hear of any not listed.

Re: Tapa Variations

Posted: Tue 10 Nov, 2015 7:53 pm
by Mephisto
Strange. Excerpt fom Serkan's file: "This list includes all puzzle ideas we’ve received so far ... Serkan Yürekli, Sep. 2012". Maybe Serkan maintains the catalogue, but he includes only TVC puzzles, not variations published elswhere.

However, here are three examples of Tapa variations not included in Serkan's catalogue:

Tapa (Unique Clues) by Tapio Saarinen ... -saarinen/

Tapa (LITS) by Murat Can Tonta ... can-tonta/

Tapa (Clueless Clusters) by Prasanna Seshadri ... -clusters/

(Sorry, I don't have the time to check all Tapa puzzles on my hard disc against Serkan's catalogue.)