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Postby Nilz » Mon 24 Jul, 2017 7:36 pm

Interesting article (in my opinion) about the use of end-of-season play-offs in Rugby League:
Basically, Castleford have won the regular league season for the first time ever, but because there are end-of-season play-offs culminating in a Grand Final, they're not getting as much glory as they perhaps deserve. Given the WSC and WPC this year won't have play-offs (but all recent years have), I thought it was a pertinent discussion.
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Re: Play-offs

Postby PuzzleScot » Mon 24 Jul, 2017 11:03 pm

I once asked Ulrich what he thought of the playoffs.
He said he didn't mind - At least it gave someone else a chance to be champion.

Seriously though, 2-3 days of puzzling should clearly indicate who is 'best' overall, and the 'playoffs' make a bit of a mockery of the whole event.
It might be justifiable if there was a huge international audience craving a showdown, but that demand simply isn't there.
In my humble opinion, there shouldn't be any playoffs, ever.
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Re: Play-offs

Postby detuned » Sat 29 Jul, 2017 11:17 am

Rugby League sounds ridiculous!

I think one aspect of the play-offs is it gives some motivation to some solvers who aren't going to be quite challenging at the top. From this point of view I'd certainly like to see a few more innovations like the Tour de Senec to vary the competition up a bit.

I don't mind play-offs so long as they are broadly fair. This puts a lot of pressure on the organisers to get the puzzle selection right; I think in many recent play-offs (most notably the last WPC where Ken didn't win) this balance hasn't been right and the outcomes haven't felt fair
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Re: Play-offs

Postby puzzlemad » Sat 29 Jul, 2017 9:57 pm

Ey Up - There's naart rong wi Rugby League. Its a reet gradely sport tha noes. Betner than tha soe cauld Union sport. ;)
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Re: Play-offs

Postby detuned » Sat 29 Jul, 2017 10:32 pm

Rugby Union isn't perfect either... I'm pretty sure they have an end of season play-off after playing a full league season as well
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