A BIG HI from PuzzleInBoots

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A BIG HI from PuzzleInBoots

Post by PuzzleInBoots » Tue 21 May, 2013 9:25 pm

Hi UK Puzzle Association,

I just love puzzles, in particular Maths and Logic puzzles. The satisfaction one gets after hours or days of trying to figure out a really tough problem is just the best feeling in the world :)

While I have tried to make up my own puzzles, I must admit I enjoy solving others puzzles more.
Recently I purchase an eBook, which has keep me busy for weeks, as it has a few really clever / challenging puzzles, which had me flustered BIG time!!!
in particular puzzle 23 - A Strange Operator.

Anyway, I will be in touch regularly to see what is going on this forum.

Catch you all around

PuzzleInBoots ;)

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