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Hello and a Request

Posted: Mon 18 Jul, 2016 2:42 am
by honeybeethoven
I am new to the world of competitive puzzle solving(wpc etc). I was curious to know of there is any beginner material that one can use to 'graduate' into competitive solving? Any links/resources/practice regime?
Appreciate your help.
Thanks and looking forward to participating in the forums here :)

PS- I landed up here via

Re: Hello and a Request

Posted: Tue 19 Jul, 2016 12:16 am
by PuzzleScot
Hi, and welcome!

There are numerous puzzle contests regularly published on puzzle sites, such as this. Nearly all are archived and still available to download and solve non-competitively. This offers a vast resource for practice material. The Competitions and Links sections of this forum should provide a good start. The Puzzle Discussion area is also good for discussing solving techniques. If you are stuck on any puzzle type, post a request, and preferable a link, and someone will answer fairly quickly.

However, if you want to jump straight in, Otto Janko's applets are an good place to start, where all the puzzles are graded. Puzzle Picnic is another excellent site.