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David C

Post by DavidC » Wed 03 Nov, 2010 9:52 pm

Hi everyone.

I'm DavidC, a fortysomething IT strategist who uses sudoku and other puzzles as a way to unwind during the rail commute between Kent and London.

I've taken part in a few Times UK championships, with my best performance (and only grand final appearance) so far being fifth place in 2008. This year I think I came eleventh, and I was pleased to take advantage of the tournament to say hello to Tom Collyer and thank him for his blog.

I've taken part in a couple of online sudoku championships where my reasonably high finishes as a UK contender have been well and truly put into perspective by my somewhat worse absolute positions in the global results.


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Re: David C

Post by ronaldx » Mon 08 Nov, 2010 9:19 pm

Hey David C, we tied in just such a reasonably-placed-for-the-UK finish! High five!

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