Hello Everybody !

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Hello Everybody !

Post by margonn » Thu 05 Mar, 2015 12:39 pm

Hello and Greetings from Sweden !

My name is Margon and I'm the president my school's puzzle club. We study at a technology school so we make actually quiet a good and mathematically talented team. So far we have mostly had fun by ourselves, but now we've planned to socialize more and maybe even have some excursions abroad. I wanted to join your community to make new friends and have fun together. I'm also expecting other people of our group joining here later (*WINK* introduce yourselves here ;) ) so I'm hoping that you don't mind a little Swedish invasion in your lovely forum.

Best regards,

The Puzzle Club President
Ekbackeskolan Osby
Ekbacke Puzzle Club President

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Re: Hello Everybody !

Post by puzzlemad » Tue 10 Mar, 2015 5:58 pm

Welcome to our forum. We don't mind the Swedish invasion at all, indeed we have forum members from all over the world.

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